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Archdeacon Sebastian Barbu-Bucur, Mihalache Moldovlahul. "Anastasimatar II" The series "Izvoare ale muzicii românești", vol. XII B, Editura Muzicală, Bucharest, 2011, 581 p.

At the end of 2011, the series of restitutions offered by Editura Muzicală under the title "Izvoare ale muzicii românești" was supplemented with a book whose importance and consistency captures the attention of anyone interested in the history of Romanian music and, in particular, of the Byzantine music developed on the Romanian territory: the second volume of the Anastasimatarion by Mihalache Moldovlahul. The new publication bears the signature of the famous Byzantinologist Archdeacon Ph.D. Sebastian Barbu-Bucur and completes the volume published in 2008, which includes the anastasima hymns in the first four modes[1]. The importance of this Anastasimatarion for the continuation of the process of Romanianization of the Orthodox Church chant is outstanding and confers the recent publication the privileged status of a bibliography of major importance for the understanding of the changes undergone by the music of Byzantine tradition in the 18thcentury.

[1] Mihalache Moldovlahul, Anastasimatar I, Series "Izvoare ale muzicii românești", vol. XII A, Editura Muzicală, Bucharest, 2008, 575 p.


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