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Considerations on the Elements of Musical Language in ‘La casa di peste drum` [At the House across the Road] by Tudor Jarda

La casa di peste drum [At the House across the Road] is, perhaps, Tudor Jarda`s most emblematic choral work, being the first composition of the 10 carols for mixed choir included in the volume Coruri [Choral Works] (1981). Dedicated to Maestro Dorin Pop and the Cappella Transylvanica choir, this work has been part of the ensemble`s repertoire since the publication of the collection, being also found in the repertoire of the most important Cluj and Transylvanian choirs. This paper aims to detail aspects of musical grammar in the choral work La casa di peste drum, highlighting the close connection between the text and music and its implications in the choral interpretation. The morphological and syntactic analysis also highlights certain characteristics of Tudor Jarda`s choral writing.

Keywords: Cappella Transylvanica, carols, choral work, modal, polyphonic

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Vol. 35 nr. 2

Vol. 35 nr. 2