Andra Daniela PĂTRAȘl=en&m=authors&a_id=142 Andra Daniela PĂTRAȘ
Classification of Folk Music Materials – Specific Problems

The specific problems of folk music classification are presented from two perspectives: a diachronic perspective (a short history of the classification models initiated and reinvented by researchers over time) and a synchronous one (related to the technical aspects/operations involved in the analysis of the laws of construction of this music). Based on the analysis of different parameters, inferences can be made about the melodic types, typological styles of a dialectal territory, the connections between the old and the modern layers of a genre etc., with such information forming the basis for ethnomusicological studies.

Keywords: classification, typology construction, systematization, research methods, classification models

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Vol. 35 nr. 2

Vol. 35 nr. 2