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O capodoperă: Sonata pentru flaut şi pian (1952) de Sigismund Toduţă

The musicologist’s paper, a concert flute player up until 1971, contains a few mentions, partly auto-biographical regarding the genesis and the first auditions of the sonatas. (Auxiliary, he points out to another flute work by S. Toduţă: The Cadence for flute and orchestra by W.A. Mozart, lost work).

Together with the Sonata of Ludovic Feldmann (1952), S. Toduţă’s opus is the first sonata for flute and piano in Romanian music. Defined as musically “tri-lingual” as it is baroque, classical and modern at the same time, it is a particular case of neoclassicism.  The three stylistic layers are in perfect balance. Conceived in an ill-fated period of Romanian music, when proletkult ideological dictatorship flourished, the Sonata composed in 1952 was a gesture of civic resistance through artistic quality. 

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Vol. 35 nr. 1

Vol. 35 nr. 1