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Simfoniile lui Sigismund Toduţă

When speaking about S. Toduţă’s work, we observe that his stylistic evolution’s traits are essentially obvious when merely looking at his symphonies.

The first symphonies of S. Toduţă are defined by a neoromantic attitude and are grouped in a monumental programmatic trilogy, with rich orchestral sounds, built on a cyclic principle but based as well on a generating cell out of which it springs, develops and then fulfils a whole edifice. The osmosis created by the author concerning its own language – between elements inherited from European culture and elements gathered from indigenous folklore – is also noteworthy. 

Following extensive and elaborate work, The 5th Symphony first appeared in 1963. The final version is dated 1974. Dedicated to the Belgian composer Jacqueline Fontyn-Schmit, the symphony was first performed in Bruxelles, conducted by Emil Simon – a faithful admirer of S. Toduţă’s compositions. The opus stays the composer’s most valuable work in its genre, a testimony of mastery, finesse, efficient concentration of the expression and impressive spiritual youth. 

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Vol. 35 nr. 2