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Creaţia corală de Sigismund Toduţă în primă audiţie clujeană

Choral works mark an important segment in the life and creation of Sigismund Toduţă, both through their constant presence and their weigh. His works, usually grouped in cycles, are written both for children and for professional choirs. Most of the choral works have folklore origins and part of them are based on poems: Dante (Two madrigals with lyrics by Dante: „Tanto gentile” and „Ne le man vostre”), Lucian Blaga (3 madrigals with lyrics by L. Blaga included in the series La curţile dorului), or Ana Voileanu (Tripticul). A particularly important role is played by religious choirs, written for biblical (catholic – Missa, orthodox - Liturghiile) or cult (notably the famous Arhaisme with lyrics by the poet Mihai Celarianu).

The aim of the present study was a chronological classification of premieres and choral and vocal-symphonic recordings as performed by Cluj conductors such as:  Dorin Pop, Florentin Mihăescu, Mihai Guttman, Constantin Rîpă, Cornel Groza and Ciprian Para, in the light of the maestro’s words: „The works of a composer must firstly address the city he lives in. If they are thus well received, one may hope for a wider audience”. The current research contains a table listing the choral works of S. Toduţă and witnessing the recognition the composer rejoiced in on behalf of his contemporaries. The greatest part of the choral works have been performed during his life, some also being included in the repertoire of several conductors from Cluj and elsewhere in the great cultural centers of the country.  The concerts and other related events celebrating the maestro’s centenary witness the fact that these works have been indeed “well received”, thus accomplishing S. Toduta’s hope in a “wider audience”.


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