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Simfonia a V–a de Sigismund Toduţă – sinteză a dramaturgiei simfonice

The present paper is an analysis of symphonic dramaturgy in the last masterpiece composed by S. Toduţă. Composed in the fifth and sixth decades of the XXth century, the first three symphonies are witnesses of a homogenous style that is dominated by certain language patterns, idiosyncrasies, expression modalities linked to a certain depth of the symphonic message as reflected in: neo-classical expression,  diatonic or chromatic modalism, the intensively polyphonic discourse , thematic incipits such as mottos that reach maximal stylistic generalization, thematic inspiration rooted in folklore, the importance granted to micro entities generating musical discourse and to their subsequent semantic-symbolic function etc. 

  The 5th symphony, written almost 20 years later, reflects a new stage in the composer’s quest in that it displays an intensively chromatic thinking, a marked interest in the extremely abstract expression, the fulfillment of the cycle principle through a monolithic architecture that offers the osmosis of the sonata genre and form. This is the expression of an unassailable spiritual youth of their composer, in the words of the composer Cornel Ţăranu.


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Vol. 35 nr. 2